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Julie Tucker-Wolek

Ohhhhhh I am IN LOVE!!!!

Tamika Jefferson

This is so different than what I have seen, definitely a must have!


Oh this is dreamy! :D

Linda Beeson

In the last few days I have seen so many patterns and pieces that I want to get my hands on NOW!!! LOVE the new stuff.


You guys are not helping my wallet......LOVE ALL the sneak peeks. WOWZERS!


I'm going to need this.

Julie A. Shearer

Love it !!

Svetlana V

What a retro chic!!!!




LOVE this collection! Very retro! LOVE

The win earned La Mirada (19101, 102) a cochampionship with Mayfair (208, 102) in the regularseason finale. The Matadores also will get the league's No. 1 seed when CIFSS divisional playoff pairings are announced Monday.

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