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Debra New

I am so greedy. I want them all. How creative!

Shelly Berg

Love Everyday Eclectic ( <3 Allison) but Chillingsworth Manor is pretty awesome too!

sherry b

Love them all, but would use very merry Chirstmas for many cards and LO.

kathleen schriber

i love the halloween apothocery labels. (not sure if i spelled that right....but i'd decorate some dollar store cannisters and fill them with treats for the grandkids to dip their hands in. love this idea.

Lucy E.

Love Everyday Eclectic and Very Merry Christmas!


Gotta get Chillingsworth Manor!


Chillingsworth Manor is my fav! What an awesoem Halloween collection. Can't wait to see it in person!

Beth W

Chillingworth Manor is fantastic-colors are scrumptious!I'll be casting spells to make sure I get this one.


I love them all but everyday eclectic is my favorite!

Aimee K

All of these are fabulous new collections!! Can't wait to get the Everyday Eclectic and Chillingsworth Manor in my hands!!

Cristine Dimitria

Oh difícil tarefa mas,vamos lá!!!Todas são lindas mas,amo Natal então a minha e Very Merry Christmas,mas não posso deixar a Grandma's Kitchen de fora,ela é muito linda também!!!Amaria trabalhar com todas!!!

Lady Fair

I didn't think you could top Sweet Day, but you just have! Love Everyday Eclectic and I will definitely also buy Very Merry Christmas and Chillingsworth Manor. I love Echo Park!


LOVE love love .... want want want need need need I will get it! Got so many idea's in my head to make with these! LOVE IT!!!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Silvia Mendoza

OMG!!! I can not wait to get my hands on these collections. I love Every Day, the two mini kits but my overall favorite is the Chillinsworth Manor. I love the colors and think it is going to be great for our yearly halloween pictures. Great job with these collections. They all favorites!!!

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

Need o get Gradma and Grandpa -- great ideas formulating with those.

Tina Cloer

I cannot wait to get Everyday Eclectic! It's such a beautiful collection.

Piedra Preciosa

I love it so much!!!!!

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}


Lora Oliver

Oh you did it again, EP!!! I am all over that Everyday Eclectic like frosting on hot cake. I am seeing an 8x8 in my future featuring that line.

Annelie Maddock

Swoon! Looove the Everyday Eclectic!

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