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thanks for this diy tip! helpful!

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I am trying it right now, and sorry English is not my 1st language, but what do you mean by crease the edges ? because I think I'm missing something, I folded the two sides in the middle, but after that, I am not able to fold the bottom part like shown on image 4..... thanks

Carolyn King

Really cute!!


What a fantastic idea - and the 'user-friendly' instructions are BONUS! I'm adding it to my Evernote, then have plans for a "small" version as 6X6 is my favourite size. Treat bags for my niece and nephew on the radar. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Jamie Greene


Pam Spradlin

Thanks for the inspiration today...I will be making these for sure for treat bags.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Ohhhhhhhhhh this is AMAZING! I am off to pin this!!! Thanks for the inspo!!! :)

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