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Congrats Ashley!!!! I know you're going to be awesome on the EP team!

Myfrogprince Lideros

Congrats Ashley, love your introduction and your layout!


Congrats, Ashley. I love your style!


So happy for you Ashley!! LOVE your page and I think you're perfect for EP!! (the Everyday Eclectic collection is my fav too!).

Way to go Ashley! Everyday Eclectic is my favorite collection, too! Can't wait to see what you create with EP!


The perfect layout to go along with your awesome photo! Love everything that you cut using your Cameo...great colors,too! Congratulations!

Lizzy Hill

WONDERFUL to see you here....LOOOVE that LO & errrrrr.......I'm hoping your scrappy space doesn't always look that tidy..... Otherwise I will cry!!!!!! Have a great time at EP....congrats:):))

Mary-Ann Coulter Maldonado

Yay! Congratulations to you girl! Well deserved.

Jodi Wilton

So happy for you Ashley! SO well deserved!

Congrats Ashley!!! You are going to be a fab addition to Echo Park!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Yayyyyyyyyyyy Ashley!!! Sooooooooooo excited for you!!!!!!!

Lisa S

It was fun seeing where you make your beautiful creations and learning more about you, Ashley! :)

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