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Nancy Carroll

"Merry Christmas & happy new year", I love EP, so much fun with Silhouette and EP!!! THANKS for the opportunity!


Besides you would be my first cut. Thank you for this fabulous giveaway!!

Robin Bettis-Novak

love the trailer...thank you for this opportunity

My December

I would cut the arrows & star!


It would be the heart balloon for me. I was contemplating some others, but when I got to it my heart smiled. it's definitely the one!


If I won this this awesome Silhouette, I would cut out the snowman and some snowflakes to make Christmas cards... love it!

Karla Maynard

Snowflakes and anything Christmas-y.

Gavi Slutzkin

I would make "art set"! :-) awesome giveaway!

Katie B.

I love the art set and the bicycle, those would probably be my first cut outs. :) So many choices though, very cool. :) This would be an amazing present. I don't have any machines hooked up to my computer other than a printer that was bought in 1999. Ha! So I would love a cool new tool to play with. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

Katie B.

Michelle Schneider

I love the snowflake and snowman- they would be great for winter scrapbooking.

Jamie Papantonakis

The butterflies....then everything else!


Lots of fun shapes! You guys have some awesome labels... But there is a leaf that really rocks! Design ID: #48372 ... Awesome!

Chris Fredette Bodurtha

"Always make time for Fun" alarm clock is pretty cute. What an amazing prize! Pretty sure I'd try one cut after the other & then just admire my handiwork!

Julie Wood

I like the "love this" arrow and all the other sayings!

Brandy Dahl-Harland

The first thing I would do is cut that adorable Beach cruiser and start scrapbooking all of the vacation photos I have in my shoe box waiting for me! The Silhouette is a scrapbookers dream!Thank you for the chance to win one!

Nayis Suarez

is difficult to answer, if I win this beauty would make cuts to my Christmas cards

Liz Lattea

I would definitely use this to do pretty much everything :) But I would do the Echo Park weekday or Echo Park number labels first for all my new planner gifts.
thanks so much for the chance!

Cheryl Ellison

Oh my goodness! So many to chose from! I think I would have to have the snowmen first....ALL of them!

Cindy Wirl

Since I am currently creating holiday greeting cards...I would really love Echo Park Vintage Merry Christmas to incorporate onto my creations!
Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a fantabulous prize!!

Marie Hazzard

To win the Silhouette would be great. There are so many to choose from but I think it would have to be some of the kitchen related items since I working on a cookbook as a Christmas gift right now.

Mary Lou Gray Hoffman



Love the Christmas ones and the the work of art! Thanks for the chance to win!!


I would choose flip flops and palm trees. I'm a beginner scrapper & since I live at the beach I have a lot of family beach photos just waiting! Thanks

Jo Lindskog

I would use the snowflakes, they will be used for Christmas Cards.


The snowman --I just love snowmen.

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