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Anastasia M.

Lovely (of course) collection. I'm Anastasia and I'd use it for my cute baby niece.


My name is Ann and I would love to make a sweet Valentine and gift for my husband David with this adorable collection.

Marty casey

Beautiful paper and so bright. I would make this Valentine for my wonderful husband of 58 wonderful years


The collection is awesome! I really would love to make a card for my husband whose name is Max. And my name is Yulia


What a gorgeous collection and those treat boxes are really sweet and pretty.
My name is Romy and I would like to make a gift for my mother, Barbera.

Carla Hundley

I'm Carla and I'd
love to make something
for my sweetie, Phil!
Carla from Utah

Carolyn Johnson

My name is Carolyn and I would make a valentine for my daughter Cosette. She loves crafts and puts them in special places on her dresser to display.

Kimberli Bean

Love this kit!! I'd make a Valentine's day treat for my 2 boys!


My name is Heather and I plan to make some treats for my five year old daughter and her preschool friends. What a sweet little kit!

Kelly Massman

My first name is Kelly and I'd like to make a treat box for my twin sister Karen who is going through some hard things right now... thanks

Natalie Winterstein

Mt name is Natalie and I would love to make a valentine treat for my sweetheart hubby Brian! :) Thank you for the chance to win!

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