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Laurie wright

Haven’t bought a new Christmas collection for a while but I really like this one. Echo park is always a favourite

linda dietrich

A cozy Christmas is my favorite

Carla Hundley

Darling trees! Love
the Stockings page.
Carla from Utah


I love the all of the paper but my favorite is the wreaths. I would cut them out and use them as tags. The colors are perfect.

Mel H

I love the boot paper, and the car one as well. These are adorable.


Snowflakes is my favorite paper, the rich red color with Beautiful delicate snowflakes on it - Perfection!!

Patsy Beatty

My favorite is the wreath paper


It's hard to pick just one because I really like them all! I'd have to say my favorite is the paper with the black background and little red and white flowers (journaling cards on the other side). Loving this collection!

Andre M.

Love that these can be reused year after year, thanks for the link. Snow Globes is my fave paper in the collection.

Cheyenne Oliva

I think my favorite would have to be the one with the crates of Christmas trees! It reminds me of going to the Christmas tree farm and having hot cocoa, picking out a tree, taking it home and decorating!

Helle Bilde Müller

Oh my - I might have to use this idea for my Christmas table this year <3 I really love your ideas and projects Michelle - you're very gifted.

lynn bradford

All of these papers are perfect for Christmas as I love them all. If I had to pick one it would be the Christmas stockings, it reminds me of my mum and this year will be an empty chair where she sat.

Marlene Frey

I love all of papers. Beautiful colours and patterns will make our cards and layouts so creative.
My favourite is the Christmas stocking pattern. So many of them are perfect for the treat boxes.


So hard to choose just one! I love them all! The warm wishes paper is darling though and definitely need some!

colleen Shepherdson

I love the paper with the "leaves and berries" on the picture above the 11th one from the left :-) , this entire pack is awesome but that page is particularly striking !

Debbie Wegman

Just love them all! But the black is really sharp with the Christmas colors in the flowers and leaves! And the trees are so cute. On my list to do!

Rose Johnson

The papers are so vibrant. Love the snowflakes! Will make great cards or scrapbook pages!

Bonnie Collins

Love this! My favorite paper is the red with snowflakes!


Your treat trees are awesome! I love this new collection.... If I had to choose one paper it would be the trees w/ the truck! Thank you!!

Charlotte Smith

Do you have these adorable SVG Files for the Cricuit?

lynn bradford

These are beautiful are there any instructions available please would love to make them for my Christmas table

Janet Swanlady21

Wonderful idea!

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