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Gone back to college at 40!

Nancy Mathias

I have 27 year old triplets, that’s the bravest thing I have done!!


I had/have triplet boys who will turn 7 next week. Bravest thing I have done!


I am pretty sure i was brave after each of three operations on my hips and knees and again after a very bad fall. Three years of chronic pain, but I smile and carry on as best I can so I can create and craft. This Lumber Jack collection is so adorable, so trendy. I love ❤️ this .

Phaline Mays

This is such a fun card! I love all the fun elements to your card that brings in so much dimension!


I started a new job after 12 years in the same place!

Annelle Grosskreutz

I was brave for my husband and family when my husband had a debilitating infection in his heart valve which caused him to have a massive stroke and heart attack while traveling out of state. He spent a week at Baylor in ICU and the cardio specialist informed me he would not live without a heart transplant. He was turned down for the transplant because of the infection, but is getting along better than expected. God is good! I use many of your collections in my scrapping, cardmaking and crafts, but this one has got to be my favorite of all time.

Tamera Gullett

I was brave taking on a new job in other town at 50 years old so we could be closer to our daughter and her family.

Cathy R.

I was brave when I took care of my mom for 12 years and then was there for her when she passed. Eight months later I was forced to be brave again when I nearly lost my husband to two pulmonary embolisms. I sat and watched him crash for 21 hours in the ICU. He bravely fought his way back to us again. I’m hoping not to be called upon for my bravery again anytime soon. Love this collection.


I was brave in delivering bad news to my best friends family members when she just could not handle it. Love this collection!


My husband has a rare genetic condition called NF2 that causes tumors to grow throughout his brain and spinal cord. I try to be brave for my kids and my husband when he needs tests and surgeries or when he faces new obstacles 💗 I just love this collection. Thanks for the chance to win!

Stephanie Littleton

So cute and the reds are ❤️!
I have been brave while sharing difficult news to Someone close

Connie johnson.

I stood beside my mom last week as she buried her last living immediate family.


I had both knees replaced last June. People kept telling me I was crazy to fo that but, I was brave and did it and now I feel great! Love this collection!

Denise Bryant

Love the papers! Great collection!
Something brave I did.... drove the 8-hour drive by myself multiple times to be able to spend time with my mother.

Andre M.

Wonderful layering and such an impactful sentiment on your card!


I love all the layers on this card.
I sold everything I owned. Left my boyfriend and moved across the country to go to culinary school. I had like no money in my pocket too! It worked out tho!


I love this collection so much!! I have braved cancer on my eyelid. They had to sew my eye shut for 6 weeks and i had 3 surgeries. I have always had a major eye phobia (i literally cry to get an eyelash out of my eye to avoid touching my eye lol). All good now except i will never have eyelashes on my lower lid, but i have a much greater appreciation of my sight!!

Carla Hundley

So cute! I was mountain biking
up the mountain when my front
tire washed out off the trail and
I did a face plant! My husband
caught up to find me face down.
I got back on my bike and finished
riding up the mountain and then
back down! My husband said
they would've had to life flight
him off the mountain.

Regina Goodman

Pushed past my fear of heights and went rock scrambling in Utah

Heather V

Something brave I’ve done is ziplined over a rainforest. I loved it! This collection is beautiful.

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