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I just love all the happy little ones!

Samantha kao

Best memories of Halloween this year is just seeing how many kids actually showed up. For the last 2 year we had no trick-or-treater. So it was really nice see you ng kids come out.


My 6 year old daughter was so happy! She was excited to go house to house and did not complain all night!!!! Thank you!

Carla Hundley

I had 23 trich or treaters
this year. I gave out
small toys and enjoyed
watching the kids pick
out a toy they wanted.
Carla from Utah


My 8 month old grandson dressed up as a chicken for Halloween and he obviously can't talk yet but when you say "Bawk" "Bawk" to him, he would flap his arms. So Adorable!!


I was freezing cold and windy with rain but 5 tiny little tots came to our door! The only group of the night! Guess who gots lots of Treats!! Including their parents! ( some hot cider!) What troopers!

Mel H

We had our annual sale corndogs from Sonic as usual. It was so cold and windy here, we didn't get many trick or treaters, but we still had fun.

Holly Bonzagni

My autistic child finally went trick or treating without any fear!! It took awhile, and a neighborhood that he now feels comfortable with and I'm so excited for him!!

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